17 June 2012

Shopper Heaven Report

Ran into my dentist and my union president at Shopper Heaven this morning. Their carts were overflowing with shit they would never eat or need, as mine was soon after. Later, as I stood in the checkout line, I thought to myself, "Those rich fuckers can afford to buy whatever the fuck they want!" Then I looked down at my own mountain of crap and finished the thought, "And so can I. Some motherfucking Anarchist rebel I am."

Fact is us union and professional types fall within the top 1% of the world's money earners. Most of the world's population cannot afford a sheet of the asswipe I buy and if they could they would use it as stationary.

After I had piled all my crap into the car there was barely room left in the backseat for the Hammer, squeezed as she was between a pallet of asswipe and a dumptruck load of dog food. I yacked at her a bit as I ripped the plastic wrap off Neil Young's latest, "Americana." If you like Neil Young you will like it. Put a smile on my face several times over as we made our way to and from a mountain for our Saturday walk.

Go fucking buy it.

Old bones of mine felt real good walking in the warm late spring rain so we walked all the way to the top of the mountain instead of the usual lookout we settle on. Had to give the Hammer a couple boosts right near the peak. When we got up to the top I pulled my flask from my vest, took a proper guzzle and looked around. Know what I saw? Nothing, sweet nothing at all. We were in the middle of a radioactive cloud that spread from motherfucking Japan to motherfucking Alberta.

Did not see anybody going up or coming down. We stopped here and there to watch swollen creeks crash like the world's capitalist system down to rivers further swollen below. We listened to the birds sing, sing more tunefully than Neil Young has done since he sang "Sugar Mountain."

What is it with people? You would think not being able to afford to wipe your ass might motivate you to get organized.  

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