24 June 2012

Drinking American Beer On Canada Day

Sonja is gone away for an extended weekend. Up to 69 Mile, then to Spokane with a crew cab full of woman friends. Shopping and partying in America, all part of the Canadian dream.

Used to enjoy visiting the United States myself a long time ago. Then the motherfuckers elected Ronald Reagan and the big country beside where I am writing to you started acting like a place Hitler would have approved of. Not that the leaders are to blame, not even assholes like Reagan and the Bushes, it is the fucking government. Very much like Russia's in the decades before their revolution. Corrupt and hateful.

People are still free to change things down there but there is fear in the streets and hope, that precious human commodity the last asshole they elected President of their country sold them like our own Prime Minister sold us the past, is not at hand.

The United States of America can fuck right off. This is a matter Sonja and I disagree on. I blame it on her Swedish heritage. Those motherfuckers and the Swiss kissed Hitler's ass. Do not give me any of that neutrality bullshit.

I still have hope for my country. My countrymen speaking up and doing something about the hateful corrupt mess our national police is gives me hope. The actions of the students and their supporters in Montreal have raised my hopes for my country higher than at any time in my lifetime. Action speaks louder than words, now more than ever. We do not have to settle for being a third rate country in a second rate century.

So I am spending my time alone spiffing up my house for Canada Day. Already have Canadian records set out near the record player. Think I will read some Al Purdy poems and drink some of the fine American beer Sonja brings me home come Canada Day. I am hoping the unlikely will happen and I will be able to cheer for a football team playing for a country that never cheered for the fucking Nazis in the Euro 2012 final.

You will not find a flag waving off the side of my house like some of my Canadian neighbours, the ones who like to ape their American devil worshipping neighbours, have started doing. Hanging a flag off your house is for fascists. I am not one of those.


JustFrankie said...

Yep. That pledging of allegiance to a fucking symbol every morning in school was the first sign something wasn't right. Flags. Ain't much Liberty and Justice For All going on.
Who gives a shit if someone burns one.

Happy Canada Day, Beer

Kim said...

"We do not have to settle for being a third rate country in a second rate century."


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Frankie - Cheers, and fuck Betsy Ross too.

Kim - Chimo! I must have been briefly possessed by Godwin's ghost. I like the sound of it in Google French better. "Nous n'avons pas de se contenter d'etre un pays de troisieme dans un siecle de seconde zone."