9 June 2012

Belmont Stakes Morning Walk

Dropped the car off at my mechanic's place this morning, walked home with the dog. He was already smoking the first of the joints that keep him going all day. "You sure you don't want some Beer?" he asked. I had not had a beer yet so it was tempting to say yes but I declined the offer. Pot smoking assholes. Will not be long now before I retire and start doing everything that gets passed my way.

Walked home because Sonja was still sleeping. Quite the long walk it was. Birds, rabbits and squirrels. People making their way to fucking work. Said good morning to an old boy I see out walking every morning on my way to the mill.

City crews were blocking off roads for a police run of some sort.

Fuck the police.

As I walked I thought about which horse to add to my Belmont top four. Except for Paynter, none of them have earned a speed figure that would win them the British Columbia Derby, nevermind a Triple Crown race. Kind of hard not to throw Union Rags into the mix now, despite his low figures.

Sonja and I will still be at the track this afternoon even without the possibility of a celebration that would have matched the Canucks winning the Stanley Cup, minus the riot. The beer will still be cold; the beer girls will still be hot; the money will still be on the motherfucking line.


Kim said...

Good call!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Frankie made the call for me - the Dope City Free Press' very own wise guy!