7 May 2012

Need A Team To Cheer For?

I make no room for sentimentality when I choose this or that horse to win a race. I do not give a fuck if a horse's share of a purse will go to to cancer research, as some do. I do not give a fuck if the owner is an insane old overly rich bitch in a wheel chair whose horse goes by the name of Union Rags, I'll Have Another or This Brew's For You. I bet what I figure is the best horse and aim to be right between 35% and 40% of the time.

That is why it seems like I was was the only motherfucking horse player in Dope City who did not win some money on the horse with the Dope City Downs jock cowboying the winner across the finish line in the Kentucky Derby this year. Had the horse in my top ten competing in the race but not my top five.

The jock, Mario Gutierrez, has sure boosted the already rising horse racing scene in Dope City. 8,000 fans out to the local track on Kentucky Derby Day, a day that began wetter than a Stanley Park white swan's ass, was something that has not happened for decades. Did not hurt that the Canucks have been blown out of the play-offs and been long forgotten, as usual come the first Saturday in May, unlike last year. It was good to see. A day at the races is just the thing for a spring afternoon.

Fuck the casinos.

And it is not like Mario Gutierrez is the only talented jock around town. We have and continue to have lots of under-rated journeymen jocks and a seemingly endless string of very good up and coming riders working in town. The local horsemen and women seem to have a real good eye for riding talent. A talent they have had for many decades.

The whole fucking province will be tuned into the upcoming Preakness Stakes. Everybody will be hoping to see a jockey with Dope City connections win the second leg of the Triple Crown. Could be our whole fucking country will be. It is not like we have a team to cheer for in the Stanley Cup Play-offs, Canuck motherfuckers.

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