13 May 2012

How Canadians Think

I have intermingled with fucking Canadians my whole life. I know how the fuckers think. Many Canadians, after having read an article or two in this here Dope City Free Press, have said to themselves, "Mr. Beer N. Hockey does not know motherfuck all about hockey."

The rest of you, those of you who have been reading the Dope City Free Press for years perhaps, know that I think it is most of my fellow Canadians who do not know shit about hockey, a game they think they know inside fucking out.

Tonight (true story - cross my heart and hope to die in a liquor store) about one minute before the Rangers and Capitals went at it, I took a good rip from a tall glass of cider and addressed Sonja and the Hammer. "The fucking Rangers will score 90 seconds in and they will win." They scored 92 seconds in and won.

Fuck you, non-believing Canadian motherfuckers.


JustFrankie said...

Keep picking those New York fucking Rangers,Beer!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

One Devil down, three to go.