17 April 2012

Twenty More Years

The ink was not even dry on my dope fiend province's new contract with the RCMP before we began whining about the fine details of what we had signed and how Ottawa was fucking us over yet again like one of Picton's cast-offs in a back alley in the back seat of a black 'n' white cruiser. A few million here, a few million there, pretty soon it looks like we are getting ripped off.

Motherfucking chump change, is what they call that in our nation's capital.

I do not vote in national and provincial elections, seems to me both the major political institutions of my country are criminal enterprises. I can put up with criminal enterprises but I sure as fuck will not vote on who is going to be the next Don.

I do, however, have opinions, one of which was that my province shed the RCMP like a snake sheds its dead skin. Surely, I thought when the time was ripe to make the move, we could do better than those assholes.

Maybe in twenty years my province will come to same conclusion I did. I fucking doubt it. 

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