10 April 2012

Smart Money and Dumb Money

You ever heard of smart money? It is a term used at the racetrack to describe which horse racetrack insiders back in a race. It is an especially useful concept to keep in mind when betting on races involving young horses, most of which, or all of whom, have yet to run a race. A horse which has attracted more interest than its breeding and workouts alone warrant has smart money being bet on it.

Which brings us to the Stanley Cup Play-offs. If there is such a thing as dumb money it is money Canuck fans bet on their team to win the Cup. Canuck fans, when they put their money where their beer-hole is, are dumb as fucking stone. They are the people who get you better odds when you bet on anybody but the Canucks to win the Cup.

My money is on Pittsburgh. Good form all year; great form down the stretch. They are deserving 4-1 favourites. Canucks and Rangers 11-2. Rangers fans who bet on their team to win the Stanley Cup are fucking near as dumb as the Canuck Riot Squad. At least the Rangers have won four times in their 86 year history. St. Louis is 15-2; the Bruins 8-1. Everyone else is a longshot.

Let the rioting begin.


JustFrankie said...

Rangers over Blues and that's my dumbfuck prediction

Nazz Nomad said...

the local sportschannel showed game 7 of the rangers/canucks '94 stanley cup series last nite (I guess it's wishful thinking for a repeat).
Fuck the Rangers, and fuck the Rangers fans- I pray to the Hockey Gods on the bloated corpse of Barry Beck that they go down in flames in the first round.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

And I thought you had better television in New York than we have out here.