19 April 2012

Closer To the Heart

In the Tim Horton's this morning, busy as a Conservative lawyer's office like it is every morning, there was just one asshole wearing his Canuck jersey. He was wearing it proudly, like a man who would get the word "MOM" tattoo'd on his bicep.

I had to give him credit. The boys at the fucking mill do not have a single flag left flapping from their pick-ups, nevermind a jersey that is worn so much closer to the heart.

Me, on the other hand, may just be developing a soft spot for the Sedins and their fellow losers in a lost land. Like most any Anarchist I cannot help but pull for the underdog. (Gives me the necessary inclination to put down on the occasional longshot at the track.)

Go! Canucks! Go! You motherfucking overlaid cocksuckers.         


paul said...

I must have strong anarchist credentials. I switch sides during a game, cheering for one team until they get ahead and then rooting for the other guys to beat them. People sitting near me are usually puzzled or strangely angry.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Don't do that at an Honduran football match!

RossK said...

Hang on a second here....

Just how many anarchists would type 'an Honduran' rather than 'a Honduran'?

Me thinks this just might actually be a wordsmith's convention breaking out all over the place.

(and, for the anti-anarchic record, the only reason the underdogs are still alive is because somebody finally got smart and put the only guy on the team who is NOT overpaid in the nets for real - OK?)


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

These days I might just be the last Anarchist on our planet that would type 'an Honduran.' It just so happens that my favourite Anarchist publication just appeared in the mail. The Match! Great article in about William Godwin as well as the usual well written, well-printed stuff. P.O. Box 3012, Tucson AZ, USA, 85702

Editor, publisher, printer Fred Woodworth will send you a copy for nothing if you have nothing but he'll like it better if you stuff an American bill or two in the envelope - no cheques! I send him a Jefferson every so often when the track has been kind to me and I have no pressing bills that need paying.

It is just about thirty years I have been reading his creation, the finest American Anarchist journal there is, and just about as long as I have been subscribing to it. I would be surprised if anybody who reads the Dope City Free Press would not prefer to read The Match! Even those of you with a poor appreciation of The Queen's English!

uniplmr1 said...

We need riots here. No one has the balls.I'm ,personally, just tired.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You don't need riots in Oregon, you need organizing and you need rebellion - same as everywhere.

Jymn said...

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to witness the death of the mighty Bruin, accompanied by myriad racist tweets from the Boston faithful. And Tim Thomas wouldn't go to the WH because of politics. Right!

I'll take the green and blue anytime.
No self-loathing downtown Van!