13 April 2012

Canuck Junkies

Some guys, when they get old, they do not watch hockey like they did when they were young. My dad is one of those guys. I am not.

I watch more. Mostly because I did not watch that much hockey when I was young. Did not even have a television for several years. Just had hockey on the radio.

I remember listening to Canuck broadcasts in the sawmill lunchroom. Everybody smoking cigarettes and shaking their heads at the inevitable sadness of another season of having the rest of fucking Canada laugh their asses off at what would fascistically become known as Canuck Nation. Sieg heil Canuck motherfuckers.

The Canucks sucking like shit should have put everybody in Dope City off hockey for generations to come. No such luck. Even if the Canucks had been moved out of town, like that asshole Brian Burke once threatened to do with a two bit phone call, Dope City would have wound up with another suck ass hockey team like Winnipeg's faster than an alcoholic can relapse at a free bar.

Hockey is our heroin. It's our wife and it's our life, as Lou Reed never tires of singing and bad heroin, like the Canucks, is better than no heroin at all.

Fucking losers.


bewlay said...

Beer N' Hockey in Jet-land


motherfucker ;)

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Canucks would not dare promote their own beer brand in this town. As if we do not have enough problems already. What we need is a Canuck brand tranquilizer.