10 March 2012

For Years

A lot going on in our political world. In my own town we have the first mayor in our history who is a sensible fellow. Does not have a phobia to reality, our modern world, where social devices such as needle exchanges are a necessity to maintaining the overall health of our community; where people think nothing of tossing their hard earned money into slot machines, thereby volunteering additional funds to charities our city cannot afford to starve of funding; where people might buy a ticket to watch Lingerie Football for the politically incorrect fun of it; where we attend Sex Expos in hopes we might learn something or buy something that makes our next orgy better than our last one. I know nothing of the mayor's politics but he is, at last, a rational man elected to be the fucking boss.

Provincially, the Liberals are taking to new heights what all governments do the moment they are elected: treating the people like we are the enemy. This happens the moment after a government is elected because people eventually defeat all governments. Therefore, governments who know damn well they are going to be soon defeated treat the people like an enemy with a knife at their throat, blood already trickling down their chest, but not yet spurting from a life supporting artery. We, the people, love watching a government squirm when we are getting ready to put them out. Squirm, you motherfuckers, squirm!

I should add the people of my province are being punished for doing what no electorate should ever do: elect a government to more than two terms. The third term is when the rot begins to spread uncontrollably.

In Ottawa, we too are are seeing the evidence of selecting the same political party to a third term. They were already showing how much they despise the people with their unethical electioneering practices. The people, now sure of how much their government fucking hates them, is now awarded with the opportunity, as British Columbia was when the HST was sprung on them, to sharpen up the cutlery and go to fucking work.

For years.


JustFrankie said...

Wow, great post
I'm mostly ignorant of Canadian Politics. Canada brings thoughts of an almost Utopian society to a lot of us here in the US.
You probably know how things are much more worse down here. Beer, give a thought to takin up your things and moving down here. We need people who think like you do.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Everyone in Canada who reads Frankie's bit about us living in a Utopian society just got a good laugh. Our True North Strong and Free Utopia has been on a downward slide for about forty years, with no end to the slide in sight.

On the other hand, at least we do not have to fear a fucking Mormon becoming our Prime Minister next year.

uniplmr1 said...

I want to play football. I'm really good.Ask my old coach. I was a star until me and the other star got caught shooting methedrine before a game.But I'm still good, I know I am. I know about BC politics. We're all fucked. So what.