10 February 2012

Time Enough

Got my chicken in the oven.
Going to eat it
With garlic bread and
Green beans.

Takes time
To cook a chicken.
Time enough
To have a couple.

At the back of my whisky bar
I found a half full
Bottle of Arran's
Tokaji Aszu Wine Cask.

Guess it did not
Do the trick
For me when
I first got into it.

Hard to say why -
Shit is 55%.
Must have been back when
I was heavy into the absinthe.

Poured myself a glass.
Watered it down some.
Cask strength whisky will
Fucking kill you if you do not.

It is doing
The trick
For me


mollymew said...

Where in the world does this whiskey come from Beer ?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Isle of Arran. Must pay a visit one day. Arran often puts out small batches of whisky aged in barrels think might just add a little something to what is produced by their stills. The Takji Aszu would be long sold out. More recent additions to their boutique editions and their fine common stock ought to available at a liquor store near you.