3 January 2012

Thirteen Lines For 2012

January now
Santa and
Jesus and

Have fucked off for another year

Mom got Sonja and I
An emergency preparedness kit
She must be getting the same
Premonition I got a while back

2012 is going to be an evil motherfucker of a year

Sonja got me new binoculars
So I can see the horses I bet on

Screw me more clearly


Kim said...

That's funny, I bought my son and his GF a first aid kit. Same premonition...

Kim said...

One additional thought...

If you were to publish a volume of your poetry next November and sell it here, I'd have to reserve a couple of copies for christmas gifts.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks for your kind appreciation of my poetry Kim. A poet or two do read what I write here, one of whom recently contacted me. Did not mention whether or not the thought of the publishability of my poetry had crossed their mind. I have been piling up some writing with the idea of publishing it one day and have even toyed with the idea of reading imy poetry now and then but have yet to do so.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

First aid kits are an excellent gift, especially if you know someone who does not have one. I bought one for my mom once. Bloody disasters are always just around the corner.

Kim said...

Do consider it for next year. The Poetry book, that is.

They have a new baby, so I thought it a caring gift for the young family because, as you say, disaster is always lurking.