27 January 2012

Take Me Home, Country Roads On the Moon

I feel real good today. A man has a right to get down and feel like doing heroin every once in a while, doesn't he? When I am not right my sense of humour can get a little lost. Good thing the motherfucking Republicans are fighting over who is going to get to nuke Iran if Obama does not beat them to it. There is more good humour in the Republican Party than meets the eye.

Take Newt Gingrich. Asshole wants to build a permanent base on the moon. America will never be happy until they start a war on the moon so Newt is probably on to something. Motherfuckers might actually be able to win a war against those commie moon people.

It is going to be an American base. Which means it will have hookers. The most expensive hookers in history. Willie Picton will be in awe.

Newt Gingrich might be a cocksucker but at least he is a cocksucker with a sense of humour. Permanent base on the moon? What the fuck for?   


JustFrankie said...

Well, if Newt becomes president the earth will become uninhabitable. With all things, considered I support this idea

Nazz Nomad said...

as an american (patent pending)- I am completely astounded and embarrassed by the collection of douchebags that are running for president. my disgust is only tempered by the fact that none of these assholes will be able to beat Obama.
If the reublikkkans were smart- they'd run Jon Stewart or Keith Olberman, or the ghost of Nixon.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Like most Canadians, like it or not, I have been following American politics my whole fucking life. You people freak us out and you keep getting better at it.

Anonymous said...

Beer, I had to typo upgfrark to say this so pay attention.

I'm reading a book called Blue Light Project by Tim Talyor. It is in a disguised Vancouver I think, with drug zones, gentrified zones and a riot.

I didn't get to the riot yet. It's a good book and reminds me of your writing and also William Gibson.

Oops, book review slipped out there. Anyway I am super pissed if you got the dope because I would be jealous.


- Jonku

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I sure do appreciate the good motherfuckers who comment here more or less regularly. Gives me the feeling of being a Newfoundlander writing in his kitchen as his family, neighbours, fellow workers and plain strangers come and go because I have a magic fridge that never runs out of beer.

I also really appreciate people like Jonku, who writes in every six months or so from somewhere down in the pale soft hairy beer belly of America. The wider audience of this here pale soft hairy jiggly beer belly of Canada roller derby soap box, if you will.

Project Blue Light? I'll have to find myself a copy. A writer, fuck any artist, fully immersed in Van, like Chris Walter is, has quite the bathtub of gin to splash around in. I will never forget the American I talked to in a bar near where my grandparents were spending their last days. "Good beer and cheap hookers," he answered when I asked him what brought him back to the city that thinks it is so fucking great.

Barely Awake In Frog Pajamas said...

As an American who has traveled a bit, I've often heard the sentiment that we freak people out. There's a few of us here that "we" freak out, too.