7 December 2011

Small World, Big Booms

I have been reading Mark Leier's biography of Bakunin. Not done yet so this will not be a book review. I am reading it slowly, the way I usually read books. All full of history, philosophy and crap it is. Such subjects get me feeling reflective because they are about the way we have been and the way we might one day be if today's questioning of the present leads to desires that increasingly mature into action.

One of my favourite realizations is how motherfucking small we are. Our hate and war planet; our lifeless solar system; our pea of a universe. Mistakenly, I used think our universe was big. Changed my mind about that when I started believing the universe was comparable to one shitball in Santa's reindeer shed. Not very big but a little smelly.

Thanks to my formal and informal education I have the whole little smelly shitball of the universe in my head. For a couple of decades now I have been waiting for our planet to explode. Now it is. Some pretty big booms too. Big enough you would think everybody would be paying very close attention, the way people huddled around radios in WWII, but we are not.

Pay close attention, motherfuckers, the biggest booms are yet to be detonated.

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