24 December 2011

Lulu - The Best Rock 'n' Roll Record Ever?

I have learned one thing in Mexico this year. One more thing than usual. Let me explain.

Back on the day the chick died from a hot speedball at Vancouver's Occupation I listened to Lou Reed and Metallica's "Lulu." I had bought it that morning. It sounded like one fuck of a record but I was too distracted, too busy, too fucked up to sit down and give the record the number of plays necessary to properly appraise it.

On the beach, this past couple of weeks, I have listened to "Lulu" at least once a day on my Walkman (!). Only other music I listened to was a five cd set of Mountain's first five records. (Long live Leslie West.)

"Lulu" is the best motherfucking rock 'n' roll record ever made. The song "Dragon" has done the unthinkable and replaced "Anarchy In the UK" as my favourite song.

Lou Reed and Metallica are the motherfucking best. Anybody who tries to tell you different ain't no Pablo Picasso: they are an asshole.


JustFrankie said...

Count me in as an asshole. My ears bled after hearing "The View" in that music video directed by Darren Aronofsky.
Now, Leslie West
was named one of the top 100 guitarists in Rolling Stone. Strange, but they listed his real name and informed readers he was Jewish.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

West polled 15 places higher than Reed in the Rolling Stone piece. Fucking hippies. If you play Lulu loud enough it will make your rectum bleed too, either that or all this Mexican food is beginning to get to me.

Nazz Nomad said...

It's time to come home, Beer. You've gone insane.

Jymn said...

I haven't liked Lou Reed much since "Sister Ray". Let's face it, no one can follow that up a mindfuck like that. I have never liked Metallica. But somehow 'Lulu' has me spellbound. It's horrible and beautiful and painful and almost unlistenable.

Only if you're old like me will you remember the reaction to "Sister Ray". Not much different than the reaction to 'Lulu'. Some things never change.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

A lot of people did not think Reed had another Sister Ray in him. Instead he comes up, with a little help from his friends, with a double album's worth of ding-dong songs. What other twilight artist can compare with the geniusness of that? Not more than a handful.