29 December 2011

I Walked With the Dog To the Pub

If you do not like hanging around shopping malls (I am waiting to retire before I start in on that) there is not that much to do in my town at this or any time of year. So despite the rain I walked with the dog to the pub where I thought I might do some drinking.

Tied the dog up outside where I could see her once I was inside. Gave her a dog treat. Looked at the sky. Went in.

It was warm inside. A gas fire burned like the dickens in the corner. Sat down at the bar. Ordered. Looked around.

Were not many people there. Figured everybody must be home fucking. There is not much to do in my town. Go shopping, drink, go to church or fuck. The idea of shopping, going to church or fucking made me tired just thinking about them.

Bartender put a big glass in front of me. It was cold to the touch. I drank from it and several others just like it. After a while the idea of fucking seemed less tiresome.

There was a hockey game on television. I looked at it once in a while.

Then there was another game. I looked at it once in a while too.

Then I went outside, woke up the dog and went home. Had to take a route home that would allow me to piss in the trees. Pissing in the street is frowned upon in my shopping, church going, fucking town.

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