30 December 2011

End of the Year Message From the Editor's Desk

The comparative response by politicians and their henchmen the police to the recent roll of murders on our streets to that which followed the single death at Dope City's Occupy site is informative as fuck, don't you think?

When it is the legal powers that be who are responsible for public safety we hear a lot of bullshit about how despite the recent deaths, crime rates are really going down, we are doing everything we can to prevent this sort of thing, every cop not on vacation in Hawaii is working twenty-five hours a day trying to solve these crimes, some of them have not even opened their Christmas presents, etc. There is never a suggestion that society, as we know it, is a motherfucking failure, when people are getting gunned down in the street every day. And in time, I say in defence of my hyperbole, we will soon be having someone gunned down daily when you average the 400 murders a year Dope City will be experiencing in the near future. 

When it is a group in society that challenges the legal powers that be, that presents people with a viable option to how our society is presently constructed, an egalitarian option, that has a single death on their hands we hear a lot about how that experiment is a failure and must be destroyed.

Same goes for our ferries. When it is the corporate buddy-buddies of government in charge when ferries crash a totally unacceptable number of times we hear yet more bullshit about how the problems are being studied and we'll get to the bottom of it and all those crashes were not really all that bad, were they?

From my perspective a group of people randomly picked out of the crowd at Dope City's Occupation could run B.C. Ferries better and safer than the handpicked government management team that does not look like it could run the Barnston Island ferry without incident for a weekend.


Laila said...

Happy New Year Beer. I always love your writing, attitude and outlook and Sonya is one lucky woman...


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Happy New Year to you too Laila and good luck with your rocking new dog. He would like to start off 2012right by going for a car ride followed by a little walk round the western point of Barnston Island with you.

fencer said...

Hi Mr. Beer,

Well put!


fencer said...

Hi Mr. Beer,

I forgot to also say, Happy New Year to you!