2 November 2011

What Are Occupy Vancouver's Demands?

I like to listen to music or listen to the Bill Good show in my car on my lunch break. Today it was Bill Good. I should have listened to Motorhead. He had on some asshole business something-or-other complaining about Occupy Vancouver. Said they should be paying taxes for occupying Crown land. Like I said, he is an asshole.

Fuck the Crown.

His other major complaint was that Occupy Vancouver has no articulate demand they seem to be fighting for. I have been hearing that a lot before Bill Good's producer scrounged up this motherfucker to belly-ache on the radio, I thought to myself as I ate my sawmill sandwich.

What the fuck do they want?

Then it came to me, helped along, no doubt, by Winnipeg's Pat Murtagh, whose Molly's Blog you will find on my sidebar of links. Murtagh's conclusion is that "The Movement is the Message." In a classical societal value confrontation the aggrieved lower powered party demands X, Y and Z from the higher powered party that is pissing them off, then settles for X, Y and part of Z if they stage a successful confrontation. Like the Woodlands clusterfuck and many, many other such situations.

I think what the Occupy Movement is doing is making a demand of the 99%, not so much of the 1%. They are demanding that we wake the fuck up and begin making demands ourselves: from our fucking bosses, from our sleazy fucking governments, from the greedy fucking corporations. i.e. From the anti-democratic institutions that are responsible for locking out health care workers who wish to be paid more than twelve bucks an hour; from governments that run power utilities and everything else they touch like it is their own private Motherfucking Kingdom; from the greedy bosses who are behind that shit.

I have a demand that asshole on Bill Good's programme might be able to understand - go fuck yourself!                  


Barely Awake In Frog Pajamas said...

This Good chap sounds as if he's a jet-fuel genius compared to my corporate co-workers and their rantings regarding Occupy here in the States.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

All those who support the 1% have the right to remain silent. Everything you say, even if you are in your pyjamas, may be used against you in a nearby tennis court that has been temporily converted into a hockey rink of justice.

On Good - check for yourself, he's on CKNW-AM 8:35 AM until noon Pacific time. In my own humble opinion he used to be ok but as he has aged he has turned into a motherfucking toady.

befastpast said...

Last time, except for a few minutes about a week ago, the only time I really listened to Good on a semi-regular basis was 2001 during the big strike. I remember, after he and some guest sorted us bus drivers out, using the phrase "right wing wank fest", then gave up on him and the station. Very shallow of me, I'm sure.

Nazz Nomad said...

for the last three days I was at a trade show for my company where we had a booth. as these things go, there were buffets a-plenty. my plan was to grab the extra food and bring it down to occupy wall street. than i realized that the food was largely cold cuts and figured if i went down there with meat, the vegan motherfuckers would lynch me.

on the other hand, it's been three days of free expense account knob creek and sam adams octoberfest

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I have been listening to CKNW since I was in the womb. I have tried to give it up, usually trying to replace its narcotic talky-talky-talk with the CBC, which only causes me to fall asleep in traffic more often than usual.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Inevitably, someone od'd at OccVan today giving the city an opportunity to have the fire chief puff out his chest and demand something be done to make it easier for first responders to get to anybody in need of first aid that cannot be attended to by the on duty first aid attendant. He did everything but demand that each tent be given an address, a demand which is surely forthcoming.

Expense account whisky. I could not have been thinking clearly when I started working in a sawmill instead of a Bushmill.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Beer,

From my distance, your comment about the Occupiers presenting the situation more to the 99% than to the 1% seems right on....

The bad news isn't quite bad enough yet for the rest of us 99%.


kootcoot said...

"He did everything but demand that each tent be given an address, a demand which is surely forthcoming."

Does that mean they will get "to the door/flap mail delivery, I don't even get that, though I have a roof and street address, but then I live in paradise and don't mind walking or biking through paradise to check my mail at the P.O.

I heard at first it was an Occupier with first aid training that saved the OD person.........

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It was the attending first aid attendant at the Occupation who kept blood and oxygen circulating through the man's poisoned body for a couple minutes until first responders got to him and made good on the first aider's possibly life saving intervention.

Two lessons from this.

1. Heroin hates you.

2. People with first aid are fucking cool.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...
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