13 November 2011

Hot Chocolate and Bailey's

After I had put my order in to get new snowies put on my car I waited outside the Canadian Tire for Sonja to pick me up and take me to the pub for lunch. As I awaited her arrival I stood near a couple girls selling heart stopping doughnuts in aid of their Jesus approved mission in Haiti.

How many people do you think suggested the girls, and they were girls, should have a thermos full of hot chocolate and Bailey's to keep them warm? (Not Bailey's and coffee. Everybody reckoned the girls were too young for coffee but old enough for Bailey's.) I counted six in ten minutes as I listened and watched people walk into the store with nothing and come out with snow shovels gripped in their now ready for winter hands.

Ready, that is, if they had already picked up a bottle or two of Bailey's.

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