11 November 2011


Today, like always, I remember my WWII vet grandfather. The war did him no great harm. He was a European, living in Canada, from a time when wars were too fucking common, just like our own.

I also, on this day, remember my first dog Strangler who died this day. Must be 15 years ago now. It was sunny and I was sad.

Guess I better remember my friend Jimi's dad as well. He too was in WWII. The war did him no great harm either. He was from Saskatchewan. Looked upon Germans as if they were gophers. He is just about 90 and not feeling that good. Wife gone, mind faltering. No hiding the fact our ends are rarely good.

My friend Stan's dad deserves some remembrance as well. Shot through and through escaping a German POW camp. He kept on running. He is just about 90 too. Still living in the house he built with his own hands. Wife gone, mind still alive as anybody's.

There is other shit I should probably remember too, like all the war dead Newfies, but that is enough, for one day, for me.

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