10 November 2011

After A Drink Or Two

I guess we all have those times when we do not know what to think, what to do. Not knowing what to think is alright, that is better than not thinking at all. Thinking is the damnedest thing anyhow. When I was young nobody had a clue what thinking was. Now we think we do. I liked it better when the brain, our thinking machine, was a total fucking mystery.

Not knowing what to do is a whole different matter. A man should always know what to do and if he does not know what to do the important thing is to do something.

Anything will do.

Inaction leads to more inaction. That is where the Muslim loons have the upper hand on us Western shits. We like sitting on our hands. They do not. But when our hands are in the air there nothing on Earth like us Western motherfuckers. Notably, after we have had a drink or two.


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