20 October 2011

You'll Never Have a Better Chance

The people who sell lottery tickets to benefit hospitals and such are crying because not enough people are buying their tickets on $2,000,000 homes. Hard to say why that is. The longshot players cannot have all died off overnight.

If I had to guess, I would say the casinos are hogging all the money.

CKNW, the radio station I have been listening to since I was gestating in my mom's liquor warmed womb, was pushing ticket sales for one of them as I made my way home from work today. "Come on down," the weatherman spokesman longshot pusher encouraged his elderly and very nearly braindead audience. "With only 40% of the tickets sold, you'll never have a better chance to win the brand new home or the 1.7 million dollar buy out." The radio station seemed to be providing the advertising for free.

I wonder if CKNW would do the same if the crew behind Occupy Vancouver decided they would like to sell tickets on a brand new luxury tent to raise money for the poor and ticket sales were so fucking slow it looked like they might be going to lose money on the venture.

Did not think so.

Fuck the hospital lotteries is what I say. Whatever happened to bake sales?


befastpast said...

Right on, Beer. My Mom used to do those bake sales for the hospital auxiliary. She, and others, worked in the hospital gift shop and then they moved up to a second hand store that helped get some pretty nice equipment for the local hospital. Those women didn't sell anyone a flim-flam chance, they put the hours in and produced something tangible.

Anonymous said...

They'll never get rid of hospital lotteries, developers count on them for huge tax refundable donations. That coupled with the advertising they sell when "marketing" the luxury of said home; nice tidy profit for sure.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

befastpast - my gran was one of those old dears. With her own prairie girl hands she made shit piles of money for every cause you can think of. Towards the end of her life she even got her politics straight, wearing a Rhino button, and voting for all manner of kooks, every election.

Alcohol Anonymous - Nice synopsis. I like to gamble a little myself but I have never bought a hospital lottery ticket. At least I can get a beer and be entertained, by both horses and people, at the racetrack. Always seemed to me like there was something unseemly about the practice.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

...of hospitals pushing their glossy longshot tickets.