29 October 2011

"The Proper Method for Hastening the Decay of Error is by Teaching Every Man to Think for Himself."

William Godwin, who from his London grave, made me the Anarchist I am, figured, wisely I think, to offer advice even when one's advice was not asked for. Doing so is a basic social responsibility. So here goes.

By the end of the day today everybody in Canada should have a good sense of whether or not we have the feet in the street to smother the motherfuckers who have created the economic and social disaster we find ourselves in. That is how the people were successful at changing shit, without the assistance of a foreign power's air strikes, in Muslim loon states like Tunisia and Egypt.

The message, generally well received, and the civility (bravo!), of the Occupy Movement has not gone unnoticed by our fellow Canadians. This can be built upon brick by brick.

It must be an honest evaluation of the position we are in today and can expect to be in in the near future. If, at the end of the day, it does not look like we have the numbers required, nor the likelihood that we will have the numbers in the near term, my advice is to pull back, re-consider tactics, gather force and attack, peacefully, yet again, in the not too distant future. A time of our choosing: perhaps as early as the wee hours of New Year's Day, as the Zapatistas did many years ago, or in the spring, when the streets are more inviting.

In my estimation, Occupy needs at least 100,000 pairs of feet in the streets of Dope City to make breathing difficult for our 1% opposition. Do the math, motherfuckers.

We do not have to sleep out in the cold to make our point any further. To do so may only weaken us. I do not want to wake up one morning, turn on the news, and discover someone has died in their fucking tent. It would make the Movement look irresponsible, which it is not.

No further mindset change is required: there is no fucking stopping us. Things may be different this time, I sure hope so, but the social democratic movement of this country took 50 years to achieve official opposition status. There is something to be learned there.

The western world's economic and social disaster that has given birth to the Occupy Movement is not going to get better unless the authours of the disaster begin, quickly, to take even the basic needs of the 99% into consideration. Unlikely in my view. The motherfuckers do not get it. Time is on our side. Let's get it right, for once.

You Americans can do whatever the fuck you want.

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