23 October 2011

Occupy Army

The Hammer and I joined the Occupy Army outside the Dope City Art Gallery this afternoon. My dog knew damn well she had missed out on some good fun last weekend and made it known she was not to be left at home today. I knew there would be too many people last weekend and figured it would be safe for her to join the Occupation with a few less people around today. She was and she got petted by lots of real nice people.

Somebody by the name of Andy told me Trevor Linden had stopped by during the week. Fuck is that Linden ever Canadian! I hope some of this year's Canuck team do so as well. There would be something poetic about that.

At a glance, it looked like a lot of intelligent young people, with an eye on not missing out on an opportunity to create some fucking history, had decided come down and lend their support.

The organizers, whoever the fuck they are, look like they know what they are doing. Getting Tom Morello down to the Occupation this past week and getting David Suzuki to speak there today is just the sort of thing that is likely to draw more and more people's positive attention to The Movement.

We need you.

Two of the biggest roars of approval and mass finger wiggling Suzuki generated were when he brought up Corporate Welfare Bummism, a form of social parasitism people all around the world are completely fucking fed up with, and governments' willingness to waste resources throwing people's asses in jail for selling dope in counterpoint to their total unwillingness to throw corporate asses into jail for massive environmental destruction such as occurred in the Gulf of Mexico a year ago.

One law for us, another one for them.

Saw and spoke with several union fellow workers at the rally. Welcomed one sister into my union which she had only just joined a week ago.

The Occupation Movement is not about tinkering with the system. You cannot tinker with a fucking disaster. It is about really changing the motherfucking thing. My union says it is time to stand and fight. No shit. My knuckles are hungry for action.

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