11 October 2011


i do not often have
anything important to say
i prefer writing about
my dog and stuff

maybe what i
have to say
is not important
at all

here goes

i am forever
on the lookout
for metaphors and
i think i have found one

well worth sharing

seems to me the
billion dollar
brand new
leaky roof

of bc place
speaks thick volumes
about the
motherfucking incompetence

of our world's Ruling Class


Anonymous said...

Ya, "It" doesn't work!

Cheers Beer

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The leaks in the roof of BC Place is yet another metaphor for the ruling class pissing on everyone they so disdain.

istvan said...

The leaky roof(on time on budget)is just typical of the bullshit wee are fed every day.