2 October 2011

Eating Soup and Drinking Whisky

I live in Canada. It is winter. I am already eating soup and drinking whisky to keep warm. There is hockey on television. Women are dreaming of being fingerfucked by the Sedin twins. Men too - like I said - I live in Canada. We do a lot of fingerfucking up here to prevent and sometimes cure frostbite.

(You will have to visit the Cosmic Hearse - a Fellow Motherfucker if there ever was one - to find my inspiration for the above paragraph. Look for his September 21st post on Duran Duran. It is the funniest thing I have ever read on the internet.)

It is a fucked up place, Canada is. We are permitted to shoot up smack and shit in approved shooting galleries, yet our hick federal government is about to start throwing our cold asses into jail for longer spells than they already do if we are found growing more than five pot plants by the fucking police.

As I have been saying a lot lately, fuck them and the pick up truck with motherfucking Alberta plates they rode in on.

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