22 September 2011

Shitstorm Alert

Had some business to attend to in Sliverville after work this afternoon. I would really rather never step foot in that motherfucking town but there I was - in the Heart of Darkness. One of the people I was doing business with had a story to tell, not much of a story, but a story nevertheless.

"You know the shooting the other night?" he asked me. He was talking about the shooting last weekend.

"I heard the shots. Fuck of a lot of them. Whole fucking clip. Then me and the old lady sat by the window listening to hear just where the sirens came to a stop. It was fucking close but not too fucking close. Then we listened to the fucking pigs' helicopter circling for a long time looking for the shooters. What a waste of fucking gas. Fucking pigs couldn't find their own asshole with a GPS. "

Ever since the shooting up in Kelowna the people of Sliverville have been waiting for the biggest motherfucking shitstorm in the history of British Columbia to go down. They are still waiting but I guess they will not be waiting for long.

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