2 September 2011

The Nut of the Canuck Riot Report

The fucking government's Canuck Riot report was released today. Another $300,000 + of our tax dollars down the sawmill shitter. I hear there are 50 recommendations to prevent a similar bit of disorder happening in the future. I have not read them yet but I will tell you right now that the report's authors did not make the one recommendation that would do more to prevent riots, especially hockey riots, from happening again.

We have to legalize dope. Make it the consciousness altering agent of choice for hockey fans. 150,000 stoned hockey fans are not going to cause a riot - ever. Not unless somebody yells, "Free food!" In a large crowd of drunk fucks it only takes about half a dozen people to start a riot because there are always lots of drunk assholes, like me, out there who, if pushed into battle, will eagerly rip the city a new one the next time the Canucks do not go all the motherfucking way.

Until then our's is a beer drinkers and Hell raisers culture. Of course, booze is responsible for a million more times violence than a puny one-off hockey riot. Having the Freedom to get as loaded as we want presumes certain risks. Risks that cannot be managed real well in a world where Beer, the Great Mother of Riots and All Things Evil, is King.


RossK said...


I figure that advice is worth at least 10% off the top of Johnny F.'s take.

Where do we send the cheque for that $30K?


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The whole sham makes me puke. EVERYBODY, except possibly the politicians who never seem to know fuck all, including the police, knew there was going to be a riot.