24 September 2011

Think About It

If you read the health and fitness literature, as I do, you know that after a good workout, like I had after work today, you should have yourself some protein within an hour or so once you are done. Helps heal up the micro-tears working out causes in your muscles. I find just about any form of liquor works just as good.

Fuck the health nuts.

Tonight it is going to be a few ciders before anything food-like gets past my rotten gums. After dinner it will be a couple pills and some of the absinthe waiting for me in the fridge. Never take pills and absinthe on an empty stomach unless you are on your way to your fucking boss' Christmas party and you want to create a fucking scene. Works every time. Still do not know why the fucker would not let me fuck his goat last year.

Friday night, when I do not spend it in the pub, is steak night. That is what us union motherfuckers all eat on Friday night. Steak, baked potato, vegetables and booze.

Think about it.

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