19 September 2011

Good Records In My Bucket

Just when I thought the well of records I have been mining in my town's many thrift stores had gone dry I have again drawn up many good records in my bucket.

Fleetwood Mac's "Kiln House"; Elvis' "Paradise, Hawaiian Style"; Wing's "Wildlife"; Focus' "In and Out of"; John Mayall's "Turning Point"; Blood, Sweat and Tears' eponymous second album; Marianne Faithful's "A Child's Adventure" (Sonja is a big fan of Marianne); they were all waiting for me last week, maybe ten bucks for the lot.

I have only listened to "Kiln House" so far. Not what you will hear me listening to on a Friday night when I get home from the sawmill but very nice nevertheless. Listened to it when I was reading Ginger Baker's book. Shame what a bunch of shits Fleetwood Mac became. Ah well, not like they were the first bunch of fucking hippies on Earth to value cocaine more than creativity.

One day this week, maybe Friday, I will give Mayall's record its first spin on my turntable. Never heard anything bad by him yet.

Keep on giving your records away, motherfuckers. Your generousity benefits charities and when they fall into the hands of people like me it keeps the music alive. If any of my young relatives show a keen interest in music my records will be passed down to them. If not, they will be donated to Dope City's East End Anarchist-Communist radio station who will then sell everything none of their shows want to keep the old station's head above water.

If Hell has good reception I will listen to them there. With my friends.


bewlay said...

I find the thrift shop vinyl a real hit and miss thing mostly miss, you sure see some horrible shit that people maybe dead even people enjoyed? I some times think about them and wonder about what they have listened to over the years. Some times when I wonder who owned this stuff and guess what were they like and why on earth did they listen to that shit. Crazy. Still I love the vinyl, and just love being on the vinyl hunt it is a nice replacement for previous afflictions and gives me things to look forward too. There are a couple of shops in Nanaimo I like and Victoria has a real gem in Tin Pan Alley and another one I always seem to forget how to find in Vic as well. But Beer, the big smoke has the mother fuckin load and those are the best vinyl hunting days for me, except for taking that fucking ferry cuz that reminds me how fucked up things are now days. The owners at some of these vinyl shops know all the lore and have some direct experiences with the music and the music makers. Yep the collections of stories untold are worth more than all the fuckin oil you could push through the straight and then some. Long live the long playing album (and the 7" too) amen.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thrift shops sure are hit and miss as far as coughing up good playable records. When I first began looking for records in such shops I found a mint blue vinyl copy of Motorhead's "On Parole." Can you blame me for getting hooked after that?