25 September 2011


You would think there would be days when nothing happens to give you something to write about. Life can be pretty fucking boring. The old shit, eat, work, drink, sleep routine we all love and hate in equal measure. What I have found is all you have to do is take your dog for a walk to find something just that teensy bit out of the ordinary that makes life interesting, that gives you the motivation to go to the liquor store and buy another case of beer and keep on living until you fucking die.

That is just what I did yesterday. Same as the day before that and the day before that. Walked into the Grand Bank fog of a Canadian morning until my dog and I found ourselves walking along one of the many sets of railway tracks that criss-cross our town.

There we met a homeless man hobbling along on crutches. Had a cast on one of his lower legs. He was making his way to a free meal the religious crazies put on for poor motherfuckers like him every morning. Hopefully he would get himself a shower too. Street crazy, he was. His pants wet with piss. His life full of holes.

"Morning!" I said to him cheerfully as the Hammer smelled his wet ass.

"The fucking government took all my money," he answered back in a thick French accent.

And you thought I was going to have nothing in common with the dirty motherfucker.

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