27 August 2011

Well Done

"There she was, gone," is what one Newfoundlander would say to another if they were the ones who voted down the HST like British Columbians have done. Do not get to fuck authourity every day, b'y. 

The talking heads have been talking about what it all means since the ballot results were announced this morning. My two bits worth says Bill Van Der Zalm is forgiven of his sins. (Just about anybody out here in Steepleton can do that sort of thing.) You have to give the crazy motherfucker credit. A good idea and the persistence to follow through on it. As a token of our appreciation I think his wife Lillian should be given the keys to the Lieutenant Governor's quarters just as soon as we need a new one.

My area voted to keep the HST. We are a city of government Kool-ade drinkers.

I do think it is probably fair to estimate the protest vote at the 55% the YES People won the referendum by. There is a lesson in there for the opposition parties, I lesson they have yet to heed, recent strategic voting trends aside.


Nazz Nomad said...

to me HST means Hunter S Thompson.

RossK said...


But I believe you hit your number +/- that 15%.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Rightfully, HST again only stands for the initial's of a pretty fair Americwn journalist.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The no voters sure were a quiet bunch. I thought the result would be even less close.

RossK said...


HST would have loved this Tax Revolt thing...


With a coalition made up of Delaney (way far goon looney right), Tieleman (way far gone super sneaky left) and the Zalm (way far gone plain ol' looney and sneaky) this was actually better than the Freak Power uprising in the Rockies.


Because this time the looneys and the freaks actually won.

Despite all the money and the gibberish that was thrown at the the thing.


Sod the streets at once!