30 August 2011

Playing Hockey In the Street

As we talked

Marc Bolan's
"Born To Boogie"
Played on
The television.

Music from
When we
Were taking
Each other's

Heads off
In the street.


ib said...

Marc Bolan was some kind of Droog.

Miniscule, but when amped up to fuck, vaguely hard to miss.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

There is no one's music from the early '70s, except for Reed, whose solo stuff I always preferred to his original band's records, I enjoy listening to more in our explosive century than Bolan's. Original, poetic, danceable rock 'n' roll.

I just about died in a car at the very age Bolan did. A spectacular, hum-drum way to go. The Dope City Free Press would never have been created. Imagine what might have been if Fate had permitted Bolan to carry on banging his gong.