20 August 2011

Watching People Bleed

I was getting changed from my sawmill stink work clothes to my clean gym kit. I was all by myself when another man came in. Young fucker. Bleeding all over the floor. Blood seeped between the guy's fingers and ran freely from the bottom of his hand. If he had not been leaned over he would have been bloody from head to toe.

I love watching people bleed. Is there anything more entertaining than fresh blood? I do not fucking think so.

The guy looked at me and turned back to a corner of the change room where I could not see him. Embarrassed. Took an elbow in the nose playing basketball or something.

I finished changing and went to check on him. He was sitting down. Head leaned back, whack of shit paper covered most of his face. I told him, "I'm a first aid guy. The best thing for you to do is to keep holding your nose like you are but lean over and let the blood come out. You don't want to choke on that shit if it coagulates half way down your throat."

He did as I said and I could tell it made him feel a little better. Not having to taste fresh blood running down your throat makes just about everybody feel better. "I'm going to get you one of the gym's first aid guys."

"Don't have to do that," he mumbled. "I'm ok."

"You probably are. You should stop bleeding in five or ten minutes at the most. If you don't within half an hour, the first aid guy will get you to the hospital. But that's not the main reason I'm going to get first aid here. Someone's got to clean up all that blood. With bleach and everything. That shit is poison," I told him.

First aid guys do not get to see as much blood as they should. You do get de-sensitized to it over time. But not many of us get to see a steady stream of gushers so it does not hurt to get exposed to a puddle of blood when there is one available for viewing.

There was a public execution of a gangster in his car up country recently. An Angel was hit as well. I hear he is in grave shape. His girlfriend, if I got the story straight, has been rendered quadriplegic by another of the bullets to be sprayed at the group. I would think the casino's first aid people were the first on the scene. That is some pretty heavy shit for an urban attendant to be sent into.


RossK said...


What's that you say?

There is a casino in that 'luxury' hotel?

Why....How come my finely coiffed TeeVee Newsthingys never told me that?


Kim said...

No Shit! I don't get used to it, the sight of copious amounts of blood. I manage pretty well in an emergency, but I always get a little shocky after it's over.