24 August 2011

The Appeal of Jack Layton

Never did see the appeal of Jack Layton. Then again, no politician appeals to me. I liked him better when I heard he had been caught up in a massage parlour raid many years ago.

Clintonesque is how I would describe the last decade of his career. Gained leadership of a political party at a time when no one much wanted the job. Having done so, Layton took the party places. He was a success.

Now people are behaving as if the fucking Pope died. People behave badly these days. Rioting after hockey games; blubbering over dead politicians; shooting Hells Angels. My country is off its motherfucking rocker.

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theo said...

Myth making. I saw a sidewalk chalk note that said, “The best PM we never had”. I might give you that while Layton would be a more compassionate leader than fuckhead is he wasn’t a progressive politician. Nowhere on the NDP site do I see a party plank that says, “The second we form the government, representational democracy will be legislated.” Nowhere do I see a party plank saying dope and sex will be legalized. I don’t see a plank stating media will be broken up so it can’t be in the hands of two corporations. The list goes on and the NDP do not address those issues. Forty percent of eligible voters don’t. Jack and the NDP never cared to appeal to those people who don’t vote. That’s why he never made PM.

I’m sorry he passed on before his time. As political leaders go, I could stand him. I could say the same for Gilles Duceppe however. Con and Lib however I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire.