16 July 2011

Feast of Mice in the Stomach

Was a time the internet was all about finding cool stuff on way out websites and telling everyone you knew about them. Coolest thing I ever found and passed around was a site that featured Japanese men who liked having Japanese women in frilly knickers fart in their face. That is the sort of shit which goes a long way towards explaining why the Japanese have better things to do than engineer their nuclear power plants sufficiently.

Now the internet is all about telling people what you had for lunch, what you are watching on television and what you did in the Canuck hockey riot. Lou Reed sure got the human race right when he said, "You'd eat shit and say it tasted good, if there was some money in it for you."

I still like sharing cool stuff, when I find it, like the above cat looking out a window. The artist is Axel Hou. The inscription, too small to read on the upper right hand side, is in Danish. When translated with the suspect Google translation device it reads,

Now it spins old black cat,
feast of mice in the stomach,
The dream of a gay tag,
With the sparrows in the garden.


Jon said...

I thought the internet was for making weirdos feel less lonesome. Works for me sometimes.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Political parties still perform the same valuable service.

RossK said...

Not for the real weirdos, I reckon.


Jon - it's not very weird whatsoever, in fact up in these here parts it's pretty much the definition of anti-weird, but somehow I reckon you will like this.


Jon said...

Thanks Ross, Randy Bachman is all right with me. I think BTO are considered uncool in certain circles but I was living in Detroit in their glory days and they were taken quite seriously there.

If you think the internet doesn't help weirdos find each other you need to see the movie, "Zoo".

RossK said...


Oh no - I don't disagree with you.

I disagree with Beer and the PolParty thing.


ib said...

I think the main reason I detest Facebook so is that it runs so many scripts on the fly. Just about every page I go to these days tries to connect to FB, Twitter, YouTube.

My old machine can not keep up with the pace. The crunching of numbers. It hangs and my browser crashes.

Even the new teabags my wife buys baffle me a little. I keep separating the tags when the kettle boils and lose the strings in the cup.

The political debate went straight over my head. Could be the wine has made me a dullard. I am still getting to grips with this phone hacking scandal which has infected our island.

I like the cat picture, though. And the Burroughsesque interzone translation.

paul said...

Started following Shane MacGowan on Twitter, who said:

Twitter makes me want to have drinks with people I’ve never met, and Facebook makes me want to throw drinks at people I already know.

Jon said...

Every time I've looked into twitter I find fifty thousand posts that all read as follows, #@cafeteria**#grilled cheese%%%% && cream of tomato##@#@#@Yummy!)(*&^%^$$^
I just don't get it. Facebook serves much the same purpose as my blog except I have more than 5 readers. If I do post at my blog, I put up a link on Facebook and get more readers in an hour than I used to get in a month.
Plus I got kidnapped by a mermaid and had a bit of a facebook love affair. That never happened on Blogspot although I did get stalked by an acquaintance in New Jersey.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Political parties! They make me feel all dirty. That does not happen to a lot of other people. Others yet like that dirty feeling.


That Shane McGowan is like some kind of alien Elvis Sasquatch lovechild relative of mine or something.


The popularity and influence of Facebook is undeniable. It is the Mein Kampf of the 21st Century. 10% of the people who visit here do so because Facebook has nudged them this way.

uniplmr1 said...

Don't tell any of them about me. Maybe they are the brain police, ever think of that? And face book, Facebook is part of the online scheme of the Murdochians who are taking over for the Scientologists this year, when the comet goes by.