11 July 2011

Voting On the HST

Had lunch with my mom and Reggie today. Brought the Hammer. The Hammer had not seen mom and Reggie for quite a while. She started getting excited about the visit soon as we turned on to the lane they live at the end of. After that she was on her toes, like an overly juiced up race horse, getting loved and giving loving, until the warmth of the day forced her to lie down and enjoy her visit a little less than she would really liked to have. Makes me happy seeing my dog all happy like that.

Mom and Reggie are looking forward to their summer holidays, getting away to the interior, like most people from Dope City do. Beer in the Cariboo; wine in the Okanagan; a little dope, for old time's sake in the Kootenays, to go with the Kokanee; and martinis to get things started every afternoon.

My mom, as usual, had a few questions for Sonja and I. "Did you vote to stick the HST up Christy's ass yet?" We had. "That's good. Governments get away with fucking the people every day of the week. If it was not for us seniors keeping them in line nobody would have a pot left to piss in."

My mom is thinking of us as seniors now. Jesus fuck.

"Think you seniors could do something about the taxes we pay on our booze?" Sonja asked her. Sonja would drink twice as much wine if we paid the same prices Americans do.

"If Bill van der Zalm was a boozer that would have been fixed up decades ago. Sometimes I think he must be on the dope like everybody else in this city. The dopers are the only people left in this country who are not taxed into bankruptcy."




RossK said...

Speaking of seniors....

If you want to read about how Ig's current touring bass player does it Mike Watt is your man.

Because who the heckfire knew he was such a wordsmith.

Watt is actually one of those really interesting guys I kinda missed somehow (think it might be because it was the gradual school years when the Minutemen/EconoJam came along and nothing penetrated then), but I heard him a few weeks ago here and was captivated both by his POV and his never ending reverence for the guy who pulled him through way back when, DBoon.

Hit the 1st link, above. You won't be sorry.


uniplmr1 said...

Never mind all that. I send my deepest sympathies to all the poor wooblie ass rioting ex Canucks fans. I really do. My cousin Ernie was so excited the Bruins won he burned his own house down, but I wasn't involved this time. If I was young and had more time to worry about left, I wouldn't fuck with people like this for fear of retribution. I am old enough to go any second now so I can let loose. I never expected Boston to win.probably I should go back through the archives to find an "appropriate" post to comment on, but you wouldn't do it either.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks for reminding me to check up on Watt. I read some of his stuff a year or three back. He certainly is gifted and enthusiastic when it comes to spontaneous prose.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Mr. Poopy - It is good to have you, a fellow inappropriate, back on-line again.