20 July 2011

Rock On

I know you are dumb from watching television, if you watch television, because I know television made a dumb motherfucker out of me. I was reminded of those two facts when I was in Shopper Heaven today.

I had loaded up my cart with what I went to the store for, plus a couple hundred bucks worth of shit I will probably never use, then I went for a quick look to see if they had any movies or cds on sale I might like. All the movies were crap so I looked through the dvd television series. It has been so long since I have seen a good tv show I almost bought a few seasons worth of Bob Newhart and a four hour long compilation of Dean Martin Show highlights.

And I mean I really almost bought the Dean Martin dvd. Don Rickles and all those other crazy motherfuckers were on it. That was about as good as television ever got. After that television just got dumber and fucking dumber. And it made us dumber and fucking dumber as it did so. Some dumb motherfuckers must actually be buying those old tv dvds.

Dumber than an Alberta hillbilly on British Columbian dope.

Shopper Heaven hardly has any cds left on sale at all. I bought the Neil Young greatest hits package and the Led Zeppelin Mothership package I have wanted for quite a while. Ten bucks. Ten bucks seems to be a magic number for shopping me.

I think it was Zeppelin who, with the BBC Sessions package of theirs that Sonja bought a bit back, got me listening to old school hard rock like KISS and Humble Pie again.

I am a huge Humble Pie fan. Reading about Steve Marriott's life got me to thinking that the inspiration of all this Mr. Beer N. Hockey bullshit was the life of the former Small Faces and Humble Pie shouter. Rock on, motherfuckers, rock on.


befastpast said...

These days I tend to watch reruns of Combat! The last one I saw, about the second in the series, was directed by Robert Altman and when the show went colour there was one episode that featured Dennis Hopper. Also watch Rocky & Bullwinkle. When Boris swears saying "Raskolnikov!" I think I'm almost smart. And then I remember, I'm watching t.v.

Steve Marriott was great.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I've heard Combat! is really good. I should give it a shot.

When Sonja and I are watching something old she is always going, "Look! It's so and so." I recognize a few of the actors of my youth but not that many. I remember rock 'n' roll radio.

I watched a lot of tv until I started on the dope and watched Monty Python for the first time, in that order I think. The Python gang taught me that maybe, just maybe, the tv I was watching was just a bunch of American crap. Everything but roller derby.

When I was a bachelor I did not have a television. Used to just sit there and watch my beer fridge for entertainment.

uniplmr1 said...

Humble Pie was and remains a band of great repute in my book. I saw them and J Geils and Blue Oyster Cult and Aerosmith one night in Providence ,Rhode Island and I am still banned, along with my "friends", from ever going there again FOR ANY FUCKING REASON WHATSOEVER...is how the police sergeant put it, I believe, but I have been and I tried to screw the mayors wife once in Newport too, although there was never anything about either adventure on TV that I know of.....