14 July 2011

Dead Dog Blues

I like dogs. Like them the way cowboys like horses. Do not like them quite as much as a Scotsman likes his sheep.

I do not like it when dogs are trained to be weapons of the State like police dogs. That is bullshit. Not the dog's fault for becoming so poorly behaved. It is the owner's fault. The motherfucking government.

So when I heard a couple police dogs got killed around Dope City this week I was torn by my feelings about police dogs and my feeling about dogs in general. If there is a Doggie Heaven I hope those dogs do not have to chase after people the government does not like any more. That is no life for a dog.

Of course, there is no Doggie Heaven. What those dogs had was what the Stiff Little Fingers called a "Wasted Life." The song is about armies but I do not see much difference between cops and armies. Like we say around the sawmill, same fucking shit, different fucking pile. 

They're nothing but blind fascists
Brought up to hate and given lives to waste 

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