15 July 2011


When a hundred, or so, dogs are killed, like up at that sled dog operation near Whistler, people rightfully get pissed off. They get so pissed off they appear, for a time anyway, ready to take the law into their own hands. They take to the streets. They write letters to the editor. Something must be done to stop the slaughter of the dogs, people cry as one, at the top of their motherfucking lungs. The SPCA are called in and are given a handsome budget to investigate the slaughter.

Fucking rights.

Yet when a police dog or two get killed in the line of duty no one says shit. Nobody but the Dope City Free Press that is. Dogs do not volunteer for the dangerous job of a police dog. I would bet that if you asked a dog, any dog, if he or she would like to be a police dog they would say, "Fuck no."

The two recent local deaths of police dogs got me wondering just how many police dogs get killed every year. I have not yet found exact provincial or national numbers but according to the Dope City Police Department website they have had eight dogs die in the line of duty since 1957.

Dope City has roughly 10% of my province's population which suggests that somewhere around eighty police dogs have died, involuntarily I add again, in my province since 1957.

My province holds roughly 10% of the population of Canada. Now we are talking eight hundred dogs which have died, involuntarily, since 1957.



Nazz Nomad said...

or, roughly what Philadelphia Eagle "hero" Michael Vick killed.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I didn't follow Vick's case. Figured no matter how many dogs he did in, he'd be a starting quaterback in the NFL before too much time went by. Fait enough, everybody deserves a second chance.

Vick was in the dog fighting business because it is a culturally acceptable thing to do in the southern USA. Same thing goes for putting dogs in danger as weapons for the police - it is culturally acceptable, jsut about everywhere. That does not make it right.