24 July 2011

55 Years of Dope City Rock 'n' Roll

Think I am going to add few links to my Fellow Motherfuckers sidebar this summer. First up is Racin' Thru the Raindrops. It is for those of you who like all things car. Some motorcycle goodies too. Mostly Dope City shit. Check out the links for even more of that sort of thing.

Scroll down to the July 16, 2011 post. It has been 55 years since Bill Haley and the Comets' Kerrisdale Arena show. Sorry I missed the proper anniversary of that day last month. The blood curdling scream of the birth of rock 'n' fucking roll in Dope City.


befastpast said...

Thank you sir for providing the link at DCFP. I'll have to get a non-motorspurt blogroll at mine so as to include DCFP.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If some of the people I know who read this knew I was holding out on a local racing history blog they would be pissed.