3 June 2011

Stanley Cup Playoff Sex

Watching all the hockey mad women of Dope City walking around in their eye-catching named and numbered Canuck jerseys got me to thinking just what the men of Dope City are thinking when they have their partner, still wearing the jersey but nothing else, bent over whatever it is they have their partner bend over during the play-offs and they are real happy the home team has won.

Not that I would have Sonja bend over in her Henrik Sedin jersey while I am wearing my Bobby Orr number if the Bruins ever win a game, you understand.

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Nazz Nomad said...

this is about one of your brethern:


it could never happen out here in pussyville, home of the islanders... as all people from our environs are fucking dipshit assholes. if you know these guys (and you must, since don't all you ficking bc'ers hang at the same bar? give em my compliments.