14 June 2011

A Perfect Day Not To Be Watching Hockey On Television

When the second period was just about over I took the Hammer for her walk. It was sunny and breezy, a perfect day not to be watching hockey on television. I noticed lots of my neighbours had their friends over in anticipation of the Canucks winning the Stanley Cup. I am guessing the booze was going down pretty good in those houses and none of it was champagne. The marijuana I could smell on the breeze was probably helping to lift everybody's spirits too. Could be we have the best dope in the world right here in Dope City because we have needed it watching the Canucks all these years.

I let the Hammer go. She loves running in the wind. I think the wind instinctively makes her think she is home in Newfoundland, where men are men and seals are nervous.

As she ran I picked some salmonberries. Great big juicy ones. Red and orange. Weird how they ripen into the two colours. I cannot think of another berry that does that.

On the way back to the house another Canuck loving neighbour was sneaking away from the game to walk his dog. I yelled at him, "You fucking Canuck fans should have to watch the whole fucking game!"

He took a slug from his beer and yelled back at me as I turned into my driveway, "Even when they are having their best year ever the motherfuckers have to torture us."

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