26 June 2011

Marquis Downs

I ought to have been out at the roller derby tonight. There was a show in town and one in Fort Royal. Truly, Dope City loves its roller derby. It is a motherfucking riot on roller skates you cannot get arrested at unless you can find a cop to punch in the head.

I think I have a good excuse for not attending one of the events however. I have started betting on the horse races from Saskatoon. The internet has to be good for me to do something besides write the word motherfucker once or twice a day.

The track is called Marquis Downs. They have been racing there for decades. It is a bush track. My kind of racing. Saskatchewan breds and horses who cannot win at any of the other tracks in western Canada for the most part. Good honest racing.

Good for my bank account. Too bad they only race there 30 days a year. If you know someone in Saskatoon, and you probably do not, unless you are a roller derby girl or a farm equipment salesman, tell them to get their wheat fattened ass out to the track.

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