15 May 2011

There Is Right and There Is Wrong

After walking the dog and doing up the dishes I sat down in front of my computer to write a little. It is not easy to do when there is not much going on. Sometimes the old shit, eat, drive, work, eat, work, eat, work, shit, work, drive fucks a man's head up I guess.

Thank fuck for beer is what I was thinking when Sonja turned her car into the drive. She was all happy when she came in the door. Been that way ever since America assassinated Bin Laden. "I don't care what you say about governments and how fucking evil they all are. Some people are better off dead - that's all there is to it. Face it - this year's favourite Hallowe'en costume will be an Osama mask with two big bullet holes in the forehead."

If the crazy fuck's death makes the old dear happy, that is something I guess. Reminds me of the days when governments lopped their enemies' heads off and stuck them on posts for everybody to see what would happen to them if they get on the wrong side of the wrong people. Problem is: once the bad guy is got the fucking government does not take long to find themselves a new one to shoot at.

As Sonja ordered pizza I tuned in WDVX-FM. Probably the killers who took  out Osama were tuned in too, down there in motherfucking Tennessee. Pretty soon my toe was tapping and I did not give a fuck about anything but Freedom, as usual.

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