24 May 2011

Rest In Peace Derek Boogaard

While everyone else in Dope City has been shopping for another fucking Canuck flag to hang from their car or their balcony I have been awaiting the results of the toxicology report from the autopsy conducted to discover just how Derek Boogaard died.

Oxycodone and alcohol.

A lot of people cannot handle alcohol mixed with pills. Look up the statistics yourself, before you become one. Your pharmacist is not your friend. He is your killer. Legal pills produced by multi-national capitalists kill more people by far than all the gangsters and wannabes of the world put together.

If Derek Boogaard had been self-medicating with alcohol and Dope City's finest marijuana he would still be alive. That is what the toxicology report should have concluded.

Anybody who believes in Prohibition is an enemy of the People. Some things never change: You have got to know who your enemy is.

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