3 May 2011

More Whacking

I was having my morning beer, making coffee for Jimi, who was still half asleep on the couch, when it started.




"What the fuck is that?" Jimi grumbled from beneath his blankets.

"That's our headbanging robin," I told him. "Been smashing his head into our window for over a week now. Get up and come watch him."

"Ok," Jimi agreed. "But first I have to take a piss."

The robin was still at it when Jimi came over to the window.




"Whacking his head on the window seems to be part of his feeding strategy. Once he's done his headbanging he will head straight to the lawn and get himself some huge worms."


We watched. After several more whacks the robin headed for the grass and gobbled up several tasty worms before flying away.

"He'll be back," I told Jimi, "sure as shit comes out of the back end of a goose. But probably not for a couple hours."

"That's fucked up," Jimi observed.

"My backyard robin is a metaphor for our planet," I agreed.


RossK said...

....and/or our country.

(the metaphor, I mean)

Come to think of it, maybe he just wants to come in and have a beer before his worms.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Don't let a little thing like an election get you down Gazz. (The wild eyed Anarchist in me sure likes the fact my nation elected three college students to Parliament. Can a dog be next?) I like your theory though, one I had not thought of. The bird is clearly dope crazy and we all know a cold one is the only medicine for that.

RossK said...

Have you checked to see if the bird is humming Warren's "Lawyers, Guns and Money" as he tries to escape inwards.

(I'm over the election now....not so sure I can quite see the humour in it though...at least not yet)