17 May 2011

A Bad Week For Government and the Religious

It is not every week that two glaring local examples of why I am happy to be an Anarchist and an atheist, and not in favour of government or religion in any form whatsoever, pop up.

The first one was ICBC's clever idea that the insurance rates of anybody getting a single speeding ticket ought to be jacked sky fucking high. (For those of you who read this and do not live in my province, ICBC is the government run monopoly in charge of car insurance. They think God looks up, way up, to them.) As long as there is government there will be assholes who think ideas like that are good. Anything less than perfect behaviour by their subjects is a not to be missed opportunity to rob us to them.

The second one is a religious wingnut, who will soon be the leader of our province's Conservative Party, open bigotry towards gay people. Fucker thinks gay people choose their sexual identities. I wonder if he thinks black people choose their skin colour too? Religion makes people think all kinds of weird and often scary shit.

I am sticking with Liberty and Reason, thank you very much, because I like being Free and clear-headed, the only way human beings have a rat's ass of  a chance at self-fulfillment, damn the motherfucking consequences.

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