12 April 2011

Royal Wedding Announcement

I have another question I would like to have addressed by my campaigning federal political leaders: Why is Canada not observing a holiday on April 29th? My future King is getting wed that day. How can anybody be expected to work on such an auspicious occasion?

It is not too late. We want a holiday on April 29.

Or else. 


uniplmr1 said...

Alright. Go ahead. Take the day off. Tell everyone else they can take it off too.

mollymew said...

hey Beer,
How abour you and I apply for sommeliers' jobs at the event ?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Mark my words. In Canada, on the afternoon of April 29th, there will be more car accidents than any time in our history because of over-tired people rushing home before they fall asleep behind the wheel. This tragedy can only be prevented if the fucking government reconsiders its decision to not declare the day our future King marries our future Queen a national holiday.