26 March 2011

A Pair of Atrocities

The more I learn about the history of Japan's nuclear industry, the more I want to vomit. Looks like the same cowboy attitude towards safety that led to last year's Gulf of Mexico oil disaster has been at work in the nuclear reactors of Japan and when a cowboy attitude meets up with Murphy's Law you usually end up with the Worst Case Scenario.

I learned about Japan's nuclear industry from the internet. I learned something that makes me want to vomit even more from the latest edition of The Match! (P.O. Box 3012, Tucson, AZ, USA, 85702 - free if you are busted, by [American] cash donation if you are not) which arrived in the mail yesterday. Turns out the bodies used in that gruesome Bodies Exhibition that came through town some time ago were those of dead Chinese prisoners. That would make that entire show something of a war atrocity people paid good money to see.

Someone, who had seen the Bodies Exhibition's advertizing, told me, when the show stopped in Dope City, "You should go. Be good for your first aid. You can look right at the shit we all have inside us."

I told them, "Fuck that." I do not even watch horror movies. Why the fuck would would I pay my hard earned lumber bucks to go see a bunch of plasticized corpses? What the fuck, ladies and gentlemen, have we come to?  

These days Hitler is not rolling in his grave, he is laughing like a hyena.


uniplmr1 said...

Hey man, it's just business...same as it ever was...it barely makes sense if you believe humans are the top of the food chain....but here we are

mollymew said...

Here In Manitoba there was a move to have the bodies buried as per provincial law. To say the obvious it never happened. One could hardly imagine the Province of Manitoba pissing off the Chinese government.